40082: Christmas Tree Stand

The first snow came unexpectedly a couple of days ago as it was unseasonably early. With that, the Holiday Season is just around the corner.

The wife fittingly built this as her first LEGO set. Looking forward to build more LEGO with her =)

Wife's first LEGO built

Wife’s first LEGO built


10197 Fire Brigade Possible Retirement?

Just checked shop.lego.com and noticed that customers are asked to call to check for availability for 10197 Fire Brigade. Perhaps an indication that it’s heading to retirement like the Hayabusa set.

Update: The set is listed as out of stock but available for purchase with a shipment date on 11/06/13.


LEGO Holiday Themed Gifts Under $10

LEGO is releasing new, exclusive holiday themed gifts. There are 6 new baubles, 2 new mini sets, and a key chain previously released. They will be available on November 1st.

  • 850842 City Fire Truck Holiday Bauble (34 pcs) $7.99 – NEW
  • 850843 Creator T-Red Holiday Bauble (25 pcs) $7.99 – NEW
  • 850849 Friends Doghouse Holiday Bauble (29 pcs) $7.99 – NEW
  • 850850 Holiday Bauble Santa (23 pcs) $7.99 – NEW
  • 850851 Holiday Bauble Tree (26 pcs) $7.99 – NEW
  • 850852 Holiday Bauble Reindeer (21 pcs) $7.99 – NEW
  • 40058 Decorating the Tree (110 pcs) $7.99 – NEW
  • 40059 Santa Sleigh (77 pcs) $7.99 – NEW
  • 850150 Santa Claus Key Chain $4.99


  • ImageImage

Barnes & Nobel (U.S.) Columbus Day BOGO 50% Including LEGO

Barnes & Nobel is offering BOGO 50% over the Columbus Day weekend starting from Saturday, October 10th to Monday, October 14th. Valid both online and in-store.

Also, use “FRIENDNFAM” to get additional 20% per one item, one time use. (Some people are unable to use the 20% off on top of 50% off but it worked for me. I think the difference was that I purchased two different sets with the same value).

Happy Columbus Day!


LEGO Shop Home Sales

LEGO.com currently has the following CHIMA sets on sale:

  • #70002 Lennox’s Lion Attack $19.98
  • #70003 Eris Eagle Intercepter $26.98
  • #70006 Cragger’s Command Ship $64.98
  • #70008 Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker $44.98
  • #70009 Warriz’s Combat Lair $61.98
  • #70012 Razar’s CHI Raider $31.98

The prices are on par with Amazon.com but #70012 is a hard to find item. Also, in the month of October, LEGO VIPs get double points with their purchase. If these sets are still on sale after October 13 then you’ll also get the free, exclusive holiday set (1 out of 2) from October 14-31 with purchase over $99.