LEGO Maersk Line Triple E (10241) Officially Announced

LEGO announced today that it will be releasing an exclusive set, the Triple E (#10241), in its Maersk lineup.

LEGO designer, Jamie Berard shared some details about this upcoming new set that’s scheduled to be released next year, January 2014, with a U.S. price tag of $149.99

It looks nice with 1518 bricks. I’ll most likely pick up a couple to add to my collection.

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LEGO Maersk Line Triple E (10241) Officially Announced.


Exclusive LEGO Shop Minifigure

This minifigure came in the mail with an order today. The minifigure mimics a LEGO employee in a black attire. A red 2×4 brick also comes in the bag. This much talked about LEGO minifigure is given as a “thank you” gift in conjunction with celebration of the newly launch LEGO mobile site.

There were earlier speculations that this exclusive minifigure may only be given out to LEGO employees to thank them for their contribution to make LEGO the 2nd largest toymaker in the world.

I am thrilled that LEGO is giving this to their loyal patrons.

LEGO Shop Exclusive Minifigure

LEGO Shop Exclusive Minifigure



21018 Release Date

The release date for LEGO 21018 United Nations Headquarters is October 1st, 2013. This latest addition to the Architecture series has 597 pieces and retail at $49.99.

Will try to add this to my collection.

UPDATE (09/27/13): now has this set available ahead of